2013 Pumpkin Pie USA Talent Contest

On Sunday, September 29th we will be holding the 4th Annual
Mr. or Ms. Pumpkin Pie USA Talent Contest at Noon.

We are looking for Anyone - Yes!  Male or Female! Ages 18 and up to enter.
What's the Talent?   Sing your version of
The Great Pumpkin Farm Festival Anthem:

I Love the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence
It’s always been my favorite place to go. 

They have animals and rides and food
A Bakery and Candy,
a Haymaze, Cornmaze, Boo Barn,
And a Magic Show that’s Dandy! 

Oh the Pumpkin Farm
It’s the Great Pumpkin Farm
Where you never leave without a great big smile

The Great Pumpkin Farm
Pump pump pump pumpkin farm
When you go you’ll want to stay there for a while!

2012 Winner - Jennifer Arroyo

2011 Winner

If you are interested in participating please call 716-759-8483 or email us with your information.