what's happening this weekend?
Festival Weekend #5 - October 14 & 15 - 2017
Open 10am to Dusk

Events Include:
the great pumpkin farm hands-free
world pumpkin pie eating championship,
pig racing & funny face pumpkin drawing contest

This weekend will feature a World Pumpkin pie eating competition.
Watch professional eaters try for the world record of eating pumpkin pie.
Also, new to The Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Festival will be pig racing.
Don't miss the fun!  It's great Family Entertainment!

On Saturday & Sunday we will be holding the "Funny Face Pumpkin Drawing Contest"
for several age groups from 3 to 14.

Pig Races are Saturday & Sunday, October 14 & 15
5 Shows a Day
11am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 3:30pm & 5pm

Click Here for more information on the Pie Eating Competition

Competition in conjunction with ALL PRO EATING PROMOTIONS

You can feel it in the air can't you?  That's right, the great colors, smells and sights of Autumn and the excitement and fun associated with a traditional fall time festival.   ALL PRO Eating and the Great Pumpkin Farm are also excited as they get ready for the big showdown during the Great Pumpkin Farm World hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship  on Sunday October 15, 2017 .

General Contest Format/Rules:     "Last Food Warrior Standing" followed by a Speed Eating component to determine the winners.  Picnic style rules apply in regard to the use of water and Food Mutilation.

Prize Structure for 2016

  • 1st Place  $1000.00

  • 2nd Place $500.00

  • 3rd Place $250.00

  • 4th Place   $50.00

General Rules

-Food Warriors will be allowed to manipulate the paper plate as long as they do not use their hands or use the plate to squeeze or disfigure the precious Pumpkin Pie.

-Food Warriors risk a stern warning, ridicule and possible disqualification if there is excessive debris in their pumpkin circumference

-Food Warriors will be allowed to use their hands in order to drink water. No hot beverages permitted

-Normal rules regarding "Unhappy Returns" will be in effect


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Pig Racing provided by Swifty Swine Pig Races