The Great pumpkin farm
World pumpkin weigh-off - OCTOBER 5TH, 2014
The Great Pumpkin farm will pay $10,000
for a world record pumpkin that is
brought here for the weigh-off
contest starts at 12 noon
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World Pumpkin Weigh-Off Last Year Results
2013 Results:
 1st Place - 1552 lbs. - William Bobier - Windsor, NY

   2nd Place - 1512 lbs. - Todd Brownell - Northville, NY
   3rd Place -1477 lbs. - Karl Kaist - Clarence Center, NY
   4th Place - 1406 lbs. - Andy Wolf - Little Valley, NY
   5th Place - 1295.5 lbs - Tim Bailey - Jamestown, NY
6th Place - 1112.5 lbs. - James Hazeltine - Delevan, NY
7th Place - 1037 lbs - Mike Matto - Bradford, PA
8th Place - 771 lbs. - Joshua Drake - Niagara Falls, NY
9th Place - 760 lbs. - David Duboy - Warsaw, NY
10th Place - 730.5 lbs. - Glenn McDonald - Bradford, PA
11th Place - 574 lbs. - Jacob Drake - Niagara Falls, NY
12th Place - 473 lbs - Martin Ptak - Lawtons, NY
13th Place - 453.5 lbs. - Jamie Mullen - Leicester, NY
14th Place - 403 lbs. - Keith Seitz - Clarence Center, NY
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Photos of the 2013 Entries and their places!
Thank you for your participation and we hope to see you this year!

Thank you for the Special Visit from The Famous Idaho Potato Truck!


2014 brings the 19th Annual Great Pumpkin Farm World Pumpkin Weigh-Off

The eyes of the world will be on Clarence Sunday, October 5th as growers worldwide await news on the Great Pumpkin Farms 19th World Pumpkin Weigh-Off.  We begin at 12noon.  The winners will be announced and cash prizes will be awarded to the growers who bring the largest Pumpkins to the Great Pumpkin Farm Weigh-Off.  We will pay $10,000 for a world record pumpkin that is brought here for the Weigh-off!!!

The Great Pumpkin Farm had the first 1000lb pumpkin right here at the 1996 Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Festival - 1,061 pounds and it went right into the Guinness Book of World records.  A decade later we have had lots more 1,000 pound pumpkins here and at other locations around the world, some over 1,600 pounds.  Who knows, this might be the year that we have another world record.

That's just one great reason for you to join us at the Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Festival.  Enjoy family fun here every day seven days a week thru Halloween.  It's all part of our region's largest family festival. 

1996 First World Record Pumpkin


2012 Results:
 1st Place Pumpkin - 1505.5 lbs

   2nd Place Pumpkin - 1498 lbs
   3rd Place Pumpkin -1386 lbs
   4th Place Pumpkin - 1324.5 lbs
   5th Place Pumpkin - 1309 lbs
2011 Results:
  1st Place - 1613.5 lbs

   2nd Place - 1320.8 lbs
   3rd Place -1311.5 lbs
   4th Place - 1303.5 lbs
   5th Place - 1219 lbs
2010 Results:
 1st Place Pumpkin - 1070 lbs

   2nd Place Pumpkin - 860.5 lbs
   3rd Place Pumpkin -833 lbs
   4th Place Pumpkin - 753.5 lbs
   5th Place Pumpkin - 688 lbs
2009 Results:
 1st Place Pumpkin - 1040.5 lbs

   2nd Place Pumpkin - 969.5 lbs
   3rd Place Pumpkin - 623.0 lbs
   4th Place Pumpkin - 526.0 lbs
   5th Place Pumpkin - 441.5 lbs