What's new?
Every year we look to add new and exciting events and activities.
Pumpkin Sling Shots!
(Not Available Sept. 12 or Oct. 17 & 18)

This year we will be offering Birthday Parties again during our festival weekends!
For more info visit our Birthday Party Page

Meet Professor Pumpkin - his knowledge of pumpkins will amaze you!

Win Pumpkin Man Bucks this year by entering our contests!

Buffalo Zombie Mud Run
likes to run ... in the mud ... for your Life!!
On September 12th The Great Pumpkin Farm
will Host the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run

For information on entering the run, becoming a Zombie or just want to be a spectator:


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New this year for the Corn Maze!
Download the free App to play the FSI game!

New Cornmaze Design for 2014!

Expanded BOO Barn - includes THE VORTEX TUNNEL!!
The Ultimate Vertigo Experience!

New Slides